UK University Valorant Series #2
Week 7 - Playoffs

UK University Valorant Series #2

Welcome to UK University Valorant Series! Assemble your best players to battle it out against other Universities across the UK for fame and prizes.


Welcome to UK University Valorant Series #2! Battle against other students in our free to play tournament to claim the prestige of being the best UK University team!

We encourage students of all skill levels across the UK to get involved. Multiple teams from the same university are welcome and we always try to find opponents of a similar skill level to you.

More updated information will become available closer to the tournament, to keep up to date and stay tuned, join here: Discord server:

This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.

Schedule / Format

Week 1-4: Swiss 2 x Best of 1 per night

Week 5-10: Top 8 Double Elimination 1 x Best of 3 per night

For teams that don't make it to the top 8 after the Swiss, the remaining teams will be allocated into groups based off their standings. Teams are split into groups of 7. Group A: 9th-15th, Group B: 16th-22nd, Group C: 23rd-29th.

Week 5-8: Round Robin 2 x Best of 1 per night, the last week will only be 1 x Best of 1.


Prizing (per team):

1st: £75 + 360 cans of Red Bull

2nd: £25 + 312 cans of Red Bull

3rd: 240 cans of Red Bull

Round Robin

Group A 1st: 120 cans of Red Bull

Group B 1st: 96 cans of Red Bull

Group C 1st: 72 cans of Red Bull


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Week 1 - Swiss

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Week 2 - Swiss

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Week 3 - Swiss

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Week 4 - Swiss

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Week 5 - Playoffs

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Week 6 - Playoffs

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Week 7 - Playoffs

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Week 8 - Playoffs

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Week 9 - Playoffs

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Week 10 - Playoffs

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The full rules document can be found here.

Lobby settings

Mode: Standard

Cheats: Off

Tournament Mode: Off

Overtime Win By Two: On

Game initiation - To initiate a game, the captains of each team must contact each other and arrange a lobby. If a team is 15 minutes late then the default win will be awarded to the full team that is ready and waiting in the lobby. If both teams are late then the team with the highest seed will receive the win.

Map selection

Team 1 = Highest Seed

Team 2 = Lowest Seed

Best of 1

Team 1 Bans a map

Team 2 Bans a map

Team 1 Bans a map

Team 2 Picks a side



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