Teamfight Tactics: Winter 2019

Teamfight Tactics: Winter 2019

Welcome Summoners to our first ever season of Teamfight Tactics! Prepare yourself to battle against university students across the UK to compete for prizes.


This is a Free For All tournament that will see students from all across the UK battle it out to claim their place as the best university Teamfight Tactics player. We encourage students of all skill levels across the UK to get involved. Multiple players from the same university are encouraged.

Current standings can be found by clicking here under the 'Full Points Table' tab.

Schedule / Format

Players will play in a swiss-esque style tournament, that will see players gain points based on each match finish position. Players will be matched against other players with the same or similar points to them.

Week 1-5: 3 Matches per night.

After 5 weeks of play the player with the highest number of points will be named the victor!


1st: 1500RP, 3x Series 1 Rare Egg, 2x Series 2 Rare Egg, 1x Series 3 Rare Egg, 1x Series 4 Star Guardian Egg

2nd: 1000RP, 3x Series 1 Rare Egg, 2x Series 2 Rare Egg, 1x Series 3 Rare Egg

3rd: 750RP, 2x Series 1 Rare Egg, 2x Series 2 Rare Egg

4th: 750RP, 2x Series 1 Rare Egg

5th/6th: 500RP, 1x Series 1 Rare Egg

7th/8th: 1x Series 1 Rare Egg


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  • All Players must be physically present by the Match start time. Players that are not ready to play within ten (10) minutes of the Match start time are subject to penalties including a possible Match forfeiture.

  • To be able to correctly track results all players must screenshot the results. It is expected that the players who come 1st or 2nd in the match screen shot the final scoreboard, so admins can accurately progress players through the tournament.

  • If group sizes are more than one (1) and less than eight (8), players will be match made with other players on the EUW server. In this scenario the players from our tournament will be given points in relation to their finish position compared to the other players from this tournament in their match.

  • Points per match will be distributed as so: 1st=8pts, 2nd=7pts, 3rd=6pts, 4th=5pts, 5th=4pts, 6th=3pts, 7th=2pts & 8th=1pt.

  • Tie Breakers will be decided by the number of 1st place finishes. If there is a tie again then 2nd place, and so on.


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