Rocket League: Winter 2019 - Playoffs

Rocket League: Winter 2019 - Playoffs

Welcome to the first ever season of NUEL Rocket League! Gather your fellow students to compete against other university teams for prizes.


This is a 3v3 tournament that will see students from all across the UK battle it out to claim their place as the best Rocket League University team.

The bracket for the play-offs can be found here.

Schedule / Format

The tournament will start with 5 weeks of Swiss. Teams will accumulate a point per series win and will be matched verses teams with the same or similar points to them.

Week 1 Swiss: 3 x Best of 5 per night.

Week 2-5 Swiss: 2 x Best of 5 per night.

After the 5 weeks of Swiss the teams with 7 points or more will progress into a Double Elimination Play-off bracket, where they will compete for the prizes. Teams that don't make it into the play-offs can continue playing in the Swiss league for another 2 weeks, just for fun.

Week 6-7 Swiss: 2 x Best of 5 per night.

Week 6-7 Play-offs: 3 x Best of 5 per night.

Week 8 Play-offs: 1 x Best of 5 per night & 1 x Best of 7 Grand Final (Weighted).


Prizing (3 prizes awarded per team) :

1st: £20 Amazon Voucher & prize to be announced

2nd: £10 Amazon Voucher


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Week 1 - Swiss

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Week 2 - Swiss

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Week 3 - Swiss

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Week 4 - Swiss

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Week 5 - Swiss

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Week 6 - Play-offs

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Week 7 - Play-offs

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Week 8 - Play-offs

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Full rules document can be found here.

Team Size: 3v3

Bot Difficulty: No Bots

Mutators: None

Match Time: 5 Minutes

Arena: DFH Stadium

Side Selection: The higher seeded team will have choice of side.

Disconnection: The disconnected player may rejoin during the game that the disconnect occurred in or in between games of a series but may not join in the middle of subsequent games in the series. After a disconnect, if the player cannot rejoin during the same game, the player will have five minutes to rejoin before the next game of the series begins. If the disconnected player is unable to join the game prior to the next game in the series, the player’s team may substitute another player from their roster if this is the first disconnect for the team during the series.


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