PUBG: Winter 2019

PUBG: Winter 2019

Hello chicken winners! Welcome to the Winter Season of NUEL PUBG where we give you the opportunity to battle it out against fellow students from across the country for prizes.


Earn points for your finishing position and any kills you secure, battle your way to the top and claim the title of best university PUBG squad in the UK!

We encourage students of all skill levels across the UK to get involved. Multiple teams from the same university are encouraged.

So what are you waiting for? Where we dropping?

Schedule / Format

Teams play 3 matches each week on alternating maps. Teams gain points based on each matches finish position and kills accumulated.

Week 1-5: 3 Matches per night.

After 5 weeks of play the Team with the highest number of points will be named the victor!

The duration of the tournament and map pool may change depending on the number of sign-ups.



1st: £20 steam credit (Per player on the team, Max 4)

2nd: £10 steam credit (Per player on the team, Max 4)

Player with highest kills: £10 steam credit


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Week 1

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Week 4

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Week 5

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Fetching the freshest, most up-to-date-est teams...


Team Size: 2 - 4 Players (Universities with 2 teams of 2 will be made into a team of 4)

Map pool: Erangel, Miramar. (Sanhok - depending on the number of teams)

Game Mode: Esports Mode - 2019 Global Rule Settings

Points per Match: 1 point per Kill.

Finish Positions:

1st: 12 points

2nd: 8 points

3rd: 6 points

4th: 5 points

5th: 4 points

6th: 3 points

7th-8th: 2 point

9th-16th: 1 points

16th - 24th: 0 points


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