Operation: Hand Wash - Overwatch Community 3v3

Operation: Hand Wash - Overwatch Community 3v3

Welcome Heroes, to Operation Hand Wash! This is a 3v3 tournament that will see students battle it out against students from other universities across the UK.


Welcome Heroes, to to Operation Hand Wash!

This is a 3v3 Elimination tournament. Each university may field an unlimited number of players at any skill rating.

This will be a double elimination tournament over one evening, with the winners picking themselves up some Amazon Vouchers.


*Format may change depending on the number of teams.

This is a double elimination format, which means after you lose 2 series you are out of the tournament.

Each series is a Best of 1. To win a series you need to get a score of 3 points, to get points you must eliminate the opposing team before they eliminate your team.

The Grand Final will be a Best of 3, with the team from the winners bracket starting 1-0 up.


1st: £5 Amazon Voucher (3 per team)


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Overwatch 3v3 - Operation: Hand Wash

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Maps: Teams will alternate vetoing maps until only one map remains, with the lower seeded team starting. Teams will veto maps from the following selection:

● Ecopoint: Antarctica

● Ayutthaya

● Black Forest

● Castillo

● Necropolis

In the case of the finals, the loser of the previous map will pick the next map.

Heroes: Winning heroes will be locked out, so choose your team compositions carefully!

Format: Each match will be Best of 1 - 3v3 Best of 5 elimination, with the finals being best of 3 and the tournament is double elimination!

Workshop code: R5VA4 for quick setup

No Show: Players have 10 minutes after the start time of their match to turn up or they will receive a forfeit loss.

Sportsmanship: Any offensive language is prohibited and will lead to said player being removed from the tournament.



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