Operation: Hand Wash - League of Legends ARAM

Operation: Hand Wash - League of Legends ARAM

Welcome Summoners, to Operation Hand Wash! This is a 5v5 ARAM tournament that will see students battle it out against students from other universities across the UK.


Welcome Summoners, to to Operation Hand Wash!

This is a 5v5 All Random All Mid (ARAM) tournament. Each university may field an unlimited number of players at any skill rating.

Once in game players receive random champions and will fight it out to be the first one to destroy the opposing teams Nexus.

This will be a Double or Single Elimination tournament over one evening (depending on sign-ups), with the winners picking themselves up some in game rewards.


*Format may change depending on the number of teams.

This is a Double Elimination format, which means after you lose 2 series you are out of the tournament. Each series will be a Best of 1, except the finals which is a weighted best of 3.


5 prizes awarded per team

1st: 500 RP, 2 masterwork chest &key

2nd: 250 RP, 2 masterwork chest &key

3rd: 150 RP, 2 masterwork chest &key

4th: 100 RP, 1 masterwork chest &key


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League of Legends ARAM - Operation Hand Wash

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Map: Howling Abyss.

Team Size: 5

Game Type: All Random

Win Condition: First team to destroy the opposing teams Nexus.

Series: Best of 1, Grand Finals is Best of 3.

No Show: Players have 10 minutes after the start time of their match to turn up or they will receive a forfeit loss.

Sportsmanship: Any offensive language is prohibited and will lead to said player being removed from the tournament.



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