Magic: The Gathering Arena 2019

Magic: The Gathering Arena 2019

Step into Magic: The Gathering Arena! Gather your friends and take part in the first ever university MTGA tournament in Europe for a chance to win cash prizes.


This tournament uses a unique 3v3 format where you and two other students from your university play in collaboration to defeat your opponents.

We encourage students of all skill levels across the UK to get involved. Multiple teams from the same university are welcome and we'll do our utmost to find opponents of a similar skill level to you.

Schedule / Format

Teams of 3 compete each week against other teams of 3 in head to head matches. Each series comprises of 3 separate best of 3 series. Each player on one team will play against another player on the opposing team in a best of 3 series, the team that has the most players win their best of 3 is the winning team of the series.

This tournament is spread across the Winter and Spring seasons, with Winter being the qualification stage.

Week 1-7 Swiss (Winter): 2 x Best of 3 per night.

At the end of the 7 weeks the 32 teams with the most wins will battle it out in the play-offs stage in the spring season.

Week 1-4 Play-offs (Spring): 2 x Best of 3 per night.

Week 5 Play-offs (Spring Live Finals): 2 x Best of 5 (Losers/ Grand Finals).


Prizing (per team) :

1st: £12,000

2nd: £8,000

3rd: £2,500

4th: £1,600

5th-6th: £1,200

7th-8th: £800

9th-12th: £650

13th-16th: £550

17th-24th: £475

25th-32nd: £425


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Week 1 - Swiss

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The full rules document can be found here.

  • Matches will be played as 3 simultaneous best of 3s, with each player on a team playing one bo3. The winning team will be the team that wins the most of these best of 3s. Each deck submitted as “deck 1” by both teams will play, as for both “deck 2”s and both “deck 3”s.

  • A teams decks must follow the Team Unified Standard format, within the constraints of the Magic: The Gathering Arena client. Decks must have 60 cards, with up to a 15 card sideboard. As per Team Unified Standard rules, no two decks on a team may contain the same card, based on it’s English language card title, with the exception of basic lands.

  • Decks must be submitted when checking into a tournament week. Decks must be submitted alongside the in game name of the player who will be playing said deck, with the format “name#xxxxx”. The tournament will be run as open decklist, a document with all submitted decks will be available to each team throughout a weeks games.

(Some specific rules are still waiting approval by Wizards of the Coast)


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