Legends of Runeterra: Summer 2020 Sunday Cup

Legends of Runeterra: Summer 2020 Sunday Cup

Welcome to our Legends of Runeterra Summer Sunday Cup! For one evening, prepare yourself to battle it out against university students across the UK to compete for prizes.


Welcome Summoners, to our Legends of Runeterra Summer Sunday Cup!

Battle it out for the chance to win some in game prizes and bragging rights. Multiple players from the same university are encouraged.


This is a double elimination tournament that will take place over one evening, with each series will be a best of 3. The grand final will also be a best of 3 with a bracket reset if the team from the lower bracket wins the first series.


Summer Prizing:

1st Place: 3 Champion Wildcards, 3 Expedition tokens + Red Bull Care Package

2nd Place: 3 Epic Wildcards, 3 Expedition tokens

3rd Place: 3 Rare Wildcards, 3 Expedition tokens

4th Place: 3 Common Wildcards, 3 Expedition tokens

5th - 8th Place: 3 Expedition tokens


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Legends of Runeterra: Summer Sunday Cup 2020

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Fetching the freshest, most up-to-date-est teams...


Full rules document to be released.

  • Players must submit 1 deck and 1 side board (a deck of 15 cards that players can swap in and out of their main deck) on the day of the tournament before the check-in closes.

  • Players will use the same deck and side board through out the whole tournament.

  • There are no deck restrictions, other than the ones the game imposes on you.

  • Players have 15 mins to turn up to the games or they forfeit the series.



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