Legends of Runeterra: Spring 2020
Week 3 - Swiss

Legends of Runeterra: Spring 2020

Welcome to our first season of Legends of Runeterra! Prepare yourself to battle it out against university students across the UK to compete for prizes.


Welcome Summoners, to our first season of Legends of Runeterra!

Multiple players from the same university are encouraged and we always try to find opponents of a similar skill level to you.

Schedule / Format

Players will be seeded into 2 groups based on their matchmaking rank. The first group will start on 1 point while the other group will start on 0 points. Players will only be paired against players on the same number of points as they are, unless there are groups with an odd number of players in them.

Players will receive 1 point per series win.

Week 1-4 Swiss: 3 x Best of 3 per night.

At the end of the 4 weeks the 8 players with the most points will play in a double elimination bracket. There will be one extra week of Swiss for those that do not make the top 8, this extra week is purely for fun with no additional prizes being given out.

Week 5 Playoffs: 3 x Best of 3 per night.

After the first week of double elimination we will be left with 4 players who will be invited to our live event to finish out the tournament.

Week 6 Playoffs: Live Finals


All prizing is currency in game.

1st: 4000 coins

2nd: 3350 coins

3rd: 2250 coins

4th: 1625 coins

5-6th: 1100 coins

7-8th: 525 coins


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Week 1 - Swiss

Check-in required

Week 2 - Swiss

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Week 3 - Swiss

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Week 4 - Swiss

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Week 5 - Swiss

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Week 5 - Playoffs

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Week 6 - Live Finals

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Full rules document to be released.

  • Players must submit 3 decks on the day of the tournament before the check-in closes.

  • In a Best of 3 Series players will ban 1 of the 3 decks submitted by their opponent.

  • The first to win with both of their 2 remaining decks, will win the series.

  • Champions in one deck can't be used in another deck. i.e. If you have a Braum in deck 2, you can't have a Braum in deck 1 or 3.

  • You can't have more than one deck with no champion in it.

  • The highest seeded player chooses if they ban a deck first or second.

  • Players have 15 mins to turn up to the games or they forfeit the series.


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