League of Legends University Series: South Winter 2019 - Swiss

League of Legends University Series: South Winter 2019 - Swiss

Collect your fellow students into teams now and battle it out on the rift. Multiple teams from the same university are encouraged and we always try to find opponents of a similar skill level to you.


Welcome Summoners, to the Winter Split of the League of Legends University Series! 

Teams from all over the UK will compete for a chance to represent their University on the International Stage in addition to hordes of prizes from exclusive LEC trips to piles of RP, chests and key. 

The North and South will compete separately during the Winter Split with the top teams from each region qualifying for the national Varsity Division in Spring.

Schedule / Format

Teams will be split into two regions, north and south. Teams in each region will be seeded based on their skill level, initial round will see the tops seed play the lower seeds to get a base set of points. After the initial round teams will only play teams with the same or similar points to said team. Teams can gain points in the Swiss by winning games each week, while losing or missing a week will not change a teams points.

Week 1-3 Swiss: 3 x Best of 1 per night.

Week 4 Swiss: 1 x Best of 1 per night (To accommodate for worlds).

Week 5 Swiss: 3 x Best of 1 per night.

After 5 weeks of Swiss the top 16 teams from their regions Swiss will qualify into a Double Elimination play-off bracket for their region. Teams who do not make the play-offs will be able to continue on in the Swiss league, for fun.

Week 6-7 Swiss: 3 x Best of 1 per night.

Week 6-7 Play-offs: 3 x Best of 1 per night.

Week 8 Play-offs: 1 x Best of 1 followed by a Best of 3 grand final.

The top 16 teams from each region will also qualify for our Varsity league which will see all 32 teams distributed into 2 Round Robin groups and compete each week.


Grand Prize: All expenses paid trip to see the LEC in Berlin.

Winter Prizing (5 prizes awarded per team) :

1st: 4000 RP, 15 Masterwork Chests/ Keys, Triumphant Ryze Skin & prizes to be announced

2nd: 2000 RP, 10 Masterwork Chests/ Keys & prizes to be announced

3rd: 1000 RP, 10 Masterwork Chests/ Keys & prizes to be announced

4th: 500 RP, 5 Masterwork Chests/ Keys & prizes to be announced

5th-8th: 3 Masterwork Chests/ Keys

9th-16th: 1 Masterwork Chest/ Key

Spring Prizing (5 prizes awarded per team) :

Prizes to be announced.


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Week 1 - Swiss

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Week 2 - Swiss

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Week 4 - Swiss

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Week 5 - Swiss

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Week 6 - Swiss

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You can find the full rule set here.

  • Teams must check-in each Sunday before 6pm or will risk not be seeded into that evening’s fixtures.

  • We expect teams to remain sporting at all times, In the event of any flame or other poor sportsmanship please take screenshots and submit to admins.

  • Teams are expected to arrive promptly to all games. If a team does not have all 5 players ready to play 20mins after the scheduled start time they will forfeit the game, (or 20 mins after both teams have finished the previous rounds match).

  • Rosters will be locked after the Check-in deadline. After roster lock, teams can make one emergency sub, which must be done 1 hour prior to any matches they wish to take part in.

  • Teams may only pause the game for up to 15 minutes. If after the 15 minutes technical issues can not be solved the game should resumed.

  • If you are unsure of any rules contact an admin.


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