Hearthstone Campus Clash: Winter 2019 - Play-offs

Hearthstone Campus Clash: Winter 2019 - Play-offs

It's good to see you - pull up a chair and join us for the 2019 Winter season of the Hearthstone Campus Clash!


This is a 1v1 tournament that will see students from all across the UK battle it out to win the wooden trophy.

We encourage students of all skill levels across the UK to get involved. Multiple players from the same university are encouraged and we'll do our utmost to find opponents of a similar skill level to you.

The play-off bracket can be found here.

Schedule / Format

The tournament will start with 6 weeks of Swiss. Players will accumulate a point per series win and will be matched verses players with the same or similar points to them.

Week 1-2 Swiss: 3 x Best of 3 per night.

Week 3-6 Swiss: 2 x Best of 3 per night.

After week 6 the top 16 players from the Swiss will go into the double elimination Play-offs. For players that don't make the top 16 there will be 1 extra week of Swiss to allow players to continue playing matches against each other.

Week 7 Swiss: 3 x Best of 3 per night.

Week 7-8 Stage 2 Play-offs: 3 x Best of 3 per night.

Week 9 Stage 2 Play-offs Finals: 1 x Bo3 and 1 x Bo5.



1st: £40 Battle.net credit & prize to be announced

2nd: £30 Battle.net credit

3rd: £15 Battle.net credit


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Week 1 Swiss

Check-in required

Week 2 - Swiss

Check-in required

Week 3 - Swiss

Check-in required

Week 4 - Swiss

Check-in required

Week 5 - Swiss

Check-in required

Week 6 - Swiss

Check-in required

Week 7 - Play-offs

No check-in

Week 8 - Play-offs

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Week 9 - Play-offs (Finals)

No check-in



Fetching the freshest, most up-to-date-est teams...


  • Players must submit 3 classes to play by 6:30pm to check in or they will not be entered into that night's games.

  • Players need to submit 3 decks from unique classes, and may only use the 3 submitted decks that night.

  • Both players get one deck ban at the start of each bo3 round.

  • Players have 10 minutes to start the first game after the scheduled start time for that round.

  • Either player may create the game and invite their opponent.

  • Games are Bo3 conquest. This means players keep playing until someone has got wins with both decks.

  • Screenshots must be taken after each game. These will be used to resolve disputes.

  • Results should be submitted by both players after each round using the companion.


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